Discover the fastest!


Comfortable black leather seats, a delight to drive with a spirited takeover! It will take you everywhere!



With a warm welcome, this superb 2CV will take you on the countryside roads for a relaxing experience.

In music on the flowery coast…


Open the roof of this bright and pleasant 2CV to the sky, and drive until sunset!

Vintage: the 2cv Hoffmann


A unique vintage, the 2CV Hoffmann and its marked personality! Ideal for the head of the procession or for a weekend of lovers hair in the wind. This two seater will transport to a parallel universe with it’s formidably joyful character!

The Queen of the Fleet


Here is the oldest of our 2CV, untouched and in perfect condition, this rare vintage will feel like you have time travelled back to 1976! A special drive with its centrifugal clutch. This timeless car attracts attention. A real lucky charm on wheels!